Della Fonte Milano – made in Italy since 1969

A collection of charming gold jewellery with carefully selected precious stones. Creativity at its best. Unique and timeless designs.

A collection of refined gold jewellery crafted by the best Italian goldsmiths.

A wide selection ranging from small pieces to precious heirlooms defined by a contemporary flair and quality.

Browse our collection of engagement rings and find the most important ring of your life.

All our diamonds are crafted from the best cutters and are certified by some of the most renowned gemological institutes in the world.

A delightful selection of wedding rings, including classic, french and comfort rings.

Wedding rings are usually made of yellow gold, but can also be made of white gold, rose gold or platinum.

A collection of elegant silverware sets created by skilled Florentine masters ranging from vases and candle holders crafted entirely using the technique of chiselling and hand embossing to classic and modern frames.